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Oregon Governor Candidate Peace Issues Questionnaire May 2022
 (this page created by and hosted by Peace and Justice Works)

In March, 2022, Peace and Justice Works' Iraq Affinity Group along with Albany Peace Seekers, Veterans For Peace Chapter 72, Veterans For Peace Linus Pauling Chapter 132, Jewish Voice for Peace-Portland and Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)-Corvallis OR branch * sent a questionnaire with four peace-related questions to the 36 candidates for Oregon's Governor who are running in the May 17 primary.

The questions pertain to keeping Oregon's National Guard in Oregon, cutting the military budget, changing military policies to help the climate, and getting Oregon State Police out of the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Out of thirty-six (36) candidates, seven (7) sent full replies and one (1) sent a generic answer.


--Responses were limited to 150 words.

--Answers were not edited for typographical errors, grammar or accuracy.

--Only Democrats and Republicans are engaged in the primary, other parties will be nominating their candidates before the November election.


Laid out on 8.5 x 11 sheets; total of 8 pages printed:

> Responses

Please share widely!

Thank you.

* --Peace and Justice Works has been promoting nonviolent conflict resolution on local, national and international levels since 1992.

--Albany Peace Seekers works to be a positive, non-violent voice of conscience in the midst of aggression, war and injustice.

-- Veterans For Peace Chapter 72 (Portland) is an educational and humanitarian organization dedicated to the abolishment of war.

-- Veterans For Peace Linus Pauling Chapter 132 (Mid Valley) has been waging peace since 1988; its primary mission is to oppose US military intervention and to advocate for diplomacy over war.

--Jewish Voice for Peace works to achieve a lasting peace that recognizes the rights of both Israelis and Palestinians for security and self-determination.

--Founded in 1915, WILPF is one of the world's longest-standing women's peace organizations, working to promote international peace and justice through a feminist lens.

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