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Peace and Justice Works

Items for Sale November 2012->

Items for sale

Peace and Justice Works has items for sale, most in limited supply
Some items were donated in honor of our 20th anniversary in 2012

Items include:

    Copies of "Alien Boy: The Life and Death of James Chasse, Jr" on DVD!
    Send $15 check or money order to
      Portland Copwatch/Peace and Justice Works
      PO Box 42456, Portland, OR 97242
    (Sorry, we can't accept payment for DVDs or other items via our web donation page)

  • T-Shirts
      (indicate size Sm-Me-Lg-XL)
    $14 each

  • [PJW sale items]

  • Bumper Stickers
      indicate slogan:
        No Blood for Oil
        Stop the War (red or black lettering)
        Help rid the world of nuclear weapons
        Troops Out Now/No Blood for Oil
        US Troops Out of the Middle East
    $1 each

  • Autographed copies of Dar Williams' 2012 CD,
      "In the Time of Gods"
    $20 each

  • DVDs/Tapes by Flying Focus Video Collective
      of Events and Analysis by PJW/PCW
    [PJW buttons available]     Download special order form
    $8-14 each (see order form)

  • Buttons
        (most buttons--supply of 1 each)
    Bring our troops home
    I stand with the people of Iran
    End Torture Now!
    Defy corporate domination
    Anti-Apartheid South Africa to Palestine
    1 More 4 Zero
    Incite Hope
    Seek Peace, Pursue It
    Boycott war
    Keep Oregon's Guard in Oregon
    No More Bombs
    and more (see picture)
    $1 each

  • Tea Towels
        commemorating PJW's 20th anniversary 1992-2012
    $10 each

  • Click on images to see pictures of some of the sale items

    NOTE: Sale items must be purchased by mail via check or money order (not our online donation site).
    Please indicate size/style/title/quantity wanted.
    Please include $0.50 postage per button/bumper sticker;
      $1 postage per CD;
      $2.50 postage per T-Shirt/Towel.
    (See video order form for DVD postage info.)






    Peace and Justice Works
    PO Box 42456
    Portland, OR 97242
    (503) 236-3065

    Page posted November 9, 2012; updated April 23, 2014


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