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    Peace and Justice Works
      Iraq Affinity Group
      PO Box 42456
      Portland, OR 97242
      (503) 236-3065 (Office)

    Sunday's Event Brings Thousands Together Against War, For Peace

    (March 22, 2006)

    The "End the War, Begin the Peace" march and rally held in Portland on Sunday, March 19 exceeded all expectations. Organizers told those issuing permits we were expecting 5,000-10,000 people, yet somewhere between 15,000 and 20,000 attended.*

    The rally made the New York Times and allegedly had a larger crowd than Chicago, a city 5 times our size. Due to the numbers reported by the Associated Press, KOIN TV reports that our rally was the second largest in the world. We also made the front of the Oregonian.[A "media round-up" with links is posted at the bottom of this email.]

    One of the strongest things to come out of organizing the rally was to bring together the various communities struggling for social justice, veterans-labor-faith-environmental-peace and more, and send a message to the public, elected officials and the media that the movement is growing strong.

    Of the 158 organizations who cosponsored or endorsed (159 actually, with a last-minute addition) roughly 50 showed up to give out information at the canopies.

    The wonderful weather and positive vibes continued throughout the day.

    From the rocking opening of Marilyn Keller and Tom Grant, to the spiritually uplifting Peace Singers and the rousing vibe of Suckapunch, the lively sounds of Marimba di Guatemala, the humorous intonations of the Raging Grannies, and the folk-and-roll resonance of Samusson and Tomassi, the music helped carry the day.

    And the speakers--S