Hey folks

We're gearing up for the March 15 march and rally to stop the war in Iraq. There are many volunteer opportunities before and on the day of the event. Please read below and contact the appropriate "point person" if you can help with any of these items. It really helps us if you let us know you are planning to help ahead of time!

1) PHONING 3/9 and anytime til 3/15
   Several organizations will need help calling through their membership
   lists to turn people out.

   There is a phone bank set up for Sunday March 9 from 6-8:30 PM.
   A dozen phones at Neil Kelly at N Albina and Alberta (SW corner).
   Contact: John Grueschow, 503-238-0605.

2) POSTERING any time til 3/15
   We have 8.5x11 flyers here at the PJW office. SE 28th and Stark.
   An original 8.5x11 is on the PJW website,
   updated pretty much weekly, at

   11x17 posters are available at these sites (some will require a call first):
   --Friday 3/7 PPRC Rally, SW corner of Pioneer Square.
   --AFSC office, 2249 E. Burnside, 503-230-9427.
   --Northeast Portland: Fred Smith, 503-281-2600,
   --Bread and Roses Center, 819 N. Killingsworth,
      (On bus lines #4 and #72), 503-240-4462
   --SW Portland Near Lewis and Clark: Jan Weston,
      503 293-4301, janweston@compuserve.com
   --SE Portland: Camilla Simon, demetershouse@yahoo.com
   --Red and Black Coffee Collective, 2138 SE Division St
   --Laughing Horse Books, 3652 SE Division St

1/4 Page Flyers are also available from:
     --Friday 3/7 PPRC Rally, SW corner of Pioneer Square.
     --Jan Weston, 503 293-4301, janweston@compuserve.com

      (separate positions): 3/8, 3/10 and 3/15

   Needed: 200 extremely calm people, 18 or older, willing
   to cheerfully help things along at this fully permitted, safe
   for non-citizens, family event, on Saturday, March 15th, beginning at 1 p.m.

Peacekeepers must attend a one-hour training session
  at one of the following days and times:
  Saturday March 8 from 1 to 2 p.m.,
  or Monday March 10 from 5 to 6 p.m.
   At the North entrance to Terry Schrunk Plaza, at SW 3rd,
  between Madison and Jefferson.

   (Stay an hour longer for the STAGE SECURITY training session.)

Training for Peacekeepers is not the same as training for Stage
. You are welcome to attend both sessions, but you cannot
  serve in both capacities at the same event.

Those who served as Peacekeepers on January 18th need not attend a
  training session, but they must register in advance for this event with
  Eric at eric@foreworks.com, or by call ing 503 653-2614.

4) SIGN-MAKING 3/9, 3/14

    PPRC: Sign making factory
    (As seen on TV! In the Oregonian and Tribune!)
    Sunday March 9th, Noon
    Furniture Craft--4507 NE Fremont, 503-287-5685

     Out Against the War: Sign making
     Sunday, March 9, 6:30 PM
     123 NE 3rd Ave 1st fl conference room

     KBOO: Sign-making gathering
     Friday, March 14, 6 PM, 20 SE 8th. Ani Haines 503-231- 8032 or volunteer@kboo.fm

5) SETUP/CLEANUP 3/14-3/15

   Canopies: We will need 6 volunteers to help pick up
   27 canopies either Friday night or Saturday morning
   (maybe as early as 7 AM). Bring your own cordless drill (screwdriver)
   if you can.
   The same people or a different set of 6 should be available
   for teardown at 5:30 PM.

     Flatbed truck: If you have a flatbed truck we can use to transport
        the canopies, we can do this in one trip instead of 2.
   Contact on canopies: Daniel, City Repair,
   daniel@cityrepair.org 503- 235-8946

   Set-Up: We will need three people to set up traffic cones and
       do general park preparations at 7:00 AM.
   We will probably need about a dozen people
   to help with other general set-up
   (starting time 10:30 AM)
   contact: Dan Handelman, Peace and Justice Works
   503-236-3065 or pjw@agora.rdrop.com

   Clean-up: We will need a few dozen people to do clean-up
   (probably beginning at 5:30 or 6 PM).
   This will include trash pickup and sign corralling.
   contact: Ron Handlin, ron@shbats.com 503-761-9267.

   PLEASE PLEASE volunteer for this and check in at a volunteer booth
   if you can't find a point person from set up or clean up!!!


   People to collect money during the march and rally.
   It will be particularly helpful if you're part of a group and
   can turn out about 30 folks in a block.
   Contact: John Olmsted, Cathandjohn@msn.com, 503-282-4753


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