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NEW! 6/8/09 "Joint Memorial" Measure (HJM 5-1) Proposed to Substitute for HB 2556

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NEW! Guard Home Campaign Considers Successes in 2009 session (6/23/09)

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In May, 2008, Oregon-based community groups began working on a new phase of the Campaign to Bring the Troops Home--namely, trying to keep the Oregon National Guard from being deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan in summer, 2009.

For a summary of the campaign's efforts from May 2008 to June 2009, read the document "Guard Home Campaign Considers Successes in 2009 session" released on June 23, 2009.

This includes urging resolutions and legislation which the state of Oregon can use to challenge the federalization of the Guard. A Bill ( HB 2556) and Resolutions ( HR 4 and SR 1) have been introduced into the Oregon Legislature as of February 4 (links to .pdf versions below). Introduced by Representative Chip Shields of Portland in the House and Senator Vicki Walker of Eugene in the Senate, the measures are cosponsored by a total of 14 legislators (6 Senators and 8 Representatives). On March 11, a hearing was held in the House Rules committee on HB 2556, HR 4, and HJM 5, a "memorial" to Congress (which in its original form does not completely relate to the Campaign's goa