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Sometime on or after Sept. 10, 2007, Gen. David Petraeus is expected to give a progress report on the "surge" in Iraq. Even mainstream media commentators seem to be anticipating that he will say "we're making progress but we need more time." (What's more, the White House will be writing the report despite its being touted as Petraeus' and therefore from the generals on the ground.) We need to say, there is no more time, bring the troops home now.


Whenever General Petraeus releases his report on Iraq, meet at 4-6 PM that day at Terry Schrunk Plaza, SW 3rd and Madison. If the report is released after 4 PM, meet 4-6 PM the day after.

For info contact Peace and Justice Works (503-236-3065), Women in Black, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom-Portland, Workers International League, People of Faith for Peace, Freedom Socialist Party (503-240-4462) or other community organizations.

--Emergency rally plans: Peace and Justice Works also reminds the community that should any mass bombing by the U.S. take place against Iran or any other nation, an emergency rally will take place at 4 PM the day of the attack (or the day after, if it happens after 4 PM), at Terry Schrunk Plaza, SW 3rd and Madison.

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Page posted August 30, 2007, updated September 5, 2007