National efforts to BRING THE TROOPS HOME NOW!

This page features news on other cities and organizations working to bring the troops home from Iraq.
The total number of cities/towns/counties/legislative districts and state legislatures passing resolutions is at least 170.
At the bottom of this page is a
list of communities passing resolutions against the early 2007 proposed escalation of troops (where those resolutions did not contain a troops home provision).

(1) On May 1, 2007, the Oregon Senate passed Senate Memorial (SM) 1 by a vote of 19-11, asking Congress to "exercise its appropriate constitutional authority to oppose the administration's escalation of United States forces in Iraq, and to move the United States toward a phased redeployment of United States forces out of Iraq with a responsible transition to Iraqi control of Iraq's security and of the personnel and resources necessary to achieve stability in Iraq." This followed the March 20, 2007 passage of House Joint Memorial (HJM) 9 by the Oregon House of Representatives on a 33-25 vote. HJM 9 calls for the US to "begin withdrawing United States forces from Iraq and redeploying those forces as soon as possible, but not later than the first quarter of fiscal year 2008."

(2) On March 12, 2007, the Eugene City Council passed a resolution calling for the U.S. Government to immediately commence a withdrawal of United States military personnel from Iraq, and for Congress to only approve further funds to carry out a safe, rapid and orderly withdrawal and Iraqi reconstruction efforts.

(3) On February 13, 2007, Vermont's state legislature passed resolutions in the House (95-49, with amendments) and Senate (25-4) against the escalation and to "commence immediately the orderly withdrawal of American military forces from Iraq."

(4) On February 6, 2007, Olympia, WA's City Council passed a resolution to "immediately commence plans to end the occupation of Iraq and bring all U.S. troops safely home."

(5) On January 26, 2007, Minneapolis' City Council passed a resolution (#2007R-050) calling for the federal government to "commence planning an orderly, rapid, and comprehensive withdrawal of United States military personnel from Iraq."

(6) On January 16, 2007, the Township Committee of Maplewood, NJ passed a Resolution Urging the Withdrawal of United States Troops from Iraq (4-1).

(7) On November 30, 2006, on a 5-0 vote, Portland, OR's City Council passed a resolution calling for the troops to come home in order to fund human needs. New info! On February 28th, 2007, Portland passed a second resolution calling upon the Congress to pass binding legislation supporting Congressman Earl Blumenauer's plan to bring the troops home in a year through diplomatic, not military means (HR 663). On March 21, 2007 the Council passed a third resolution, specifically opposing US military action in Iran, but re-emphasizing its call for an end to the war in Iraq.

(8) On November 7, 2006, 10 more communities in Wisconsin (including Milwaukee) passed troops home resolutions, (beyond the 24 who voted on April 4 ), 12 new communities in Illinois passed troops home resolutions (plus Chicago, whose residents voted 80% in favor, reasserting the City Council's vote from 9/14/05), 36 legislative disctricts in Massachussetts also passed troops home resolutions, and Mendicino County, CA, passed a ballot measure asking "Should the United States end the military occupation of Iraq and bring the troops home now?"

(9) On October 9, 2006, the Bellingham, WA City Council voted 6-1 to adopt a resolution "urging the US Congress to end the occupation of Iraq and bring our troops safely home now".

(10) On June 5, 2006, the Kalamazoo, MI City Commission voted 4-0 (with 3 abstentions) to adopt a resolution calling for the US to "establish a prudent, feasible, and orderly strategy which facilitates the exit of US Armed Forces from Iraq."

(11) According to Cities for Progress , after 24 cities in Wisconsin passed resolutions on April 4, 2006, at least 100 communities in the USA had at that time passed resolutions geared toward ending the continued deployment of troops to Iraq.

(12) Corvallis, OR's City Council resolution was passed on February 21, 2006 calling for an "orderly, rapid, and comprehensive withdrawal of United States military personnel from Iraq," and noting that "the federalization and deployment of Oregon National Guard members to the war in Iraq threatens the safety and well being of the citizens of Corvallis."

(13) The Baltimore City Council passed a resolution on November 21, 2005 calling for the us to "commence a humane, orderly, immediate and comprehensive withdrawal" of military personnel and bases from Iraq.

(14) The Sacramento Bee reports that Sacramento City Council passed a resolution on November 1, 2005 calling for the rapid and comprehensive withdrawal of United States military personnel and bases from Iraq, citing the financial and human costs of the war on local resources.

(15) Oregon's AFL-CIO voted on October 16, 2005 to pass a resolution in solidarity with Iraq's unions, which calls for Oregon's national guard to come home immediately.

(16) On September 26, 2005, the City Council of Cambridge, MA passed a resolution urging the United States government "to begin a rapid and orderly withdrawal of US military personnel from Iraq."

(17) On September 15, 2005, Philadelphia's City Council voted 16-1 for a Resolution calling on the federal government to "rapidly withdraw US troops from Iraq expeditiously.".

(18) On September 14, 2005, Chicago's City Council voted 29-9 for a Resolution urging the Bush administration to begin an "immediate and orderly" withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.

(19) On September 12, 2005 Evanston, IL's City Council voted 8-1 for a resolution "to commence an orderly and rapid withdrawal of United States military personnel from Iraq".

(20) On July 27, 2005, the national AFL-CIO Convention delegates voted in favor of a resolution calling for a "rapid" return of all U.S. troops from Iraq.

(21) On June 20, 2005 Amherst, Mass.' Select Board unanimously passed a resolution calling for "immediate steps to end the U.S. occupation of Iraq and bring our remaining troops safely home".

(22) On April 5, 2005, Gary, Indiana's City Council passed a resolution calling for the "cessation of war and immediate troop withdrawal from Iraq."

(23) On March 1, 2005, 50 cities and towns in Vermont passed a resolution asking the State Legislature to investigate the impact National Guard deployments to Iraq are having on the state; many resolutions called for the troops to come home.

(24) On November 2, 2004, San Francisco's voters passed a ballot initiative stating that "It is the Policy of the people of the City and County of San Francisco that the Federal government should take immediate steps to end the U.S. occupation of Iraq and bring our troops safely home now."

(25) On July 21, 2004, Arcata, California's city council unanimously passed a Resolution Calling for the Immediate Withdrawal of all U.S. Troops from Afghanistan and Iraq.

In addition to the two state legislatures, 19 individual cities/counties and 132 combined city/towns/counties/legislative districts passing resolutions listed above, Cities for Progress lists the following 16 other municipatlities as having passed resolutions:
Alameda County, CA; Berkeley, CA; Davis, CA; Marin County, CA; Oakland, CA; Santa Cruz, CA; Sebastopol, CA; Arlington, MA; Leverett, MA; Binghamton, NY; Danby, NY; Carrboro, NC; Chapel Hill, NC; Landsdowne, PA; Wilkinsburg, PA; and South Charleston, WV.
Check out their "Cities with Bring the Troops Home" resolutions page.

The 50 towns and cities in Vermont who passed resolutions are: Bethel, Brattleboro, Burlington, Cabot, Calais, Cavendish, Dummerston, East Montpelier, Fayston, Greensboro, Guilford, Hinesburg, Huntington, Jamaica, Jericho, Johnson, Marlboro, Marshfield, Middlebury, Middletown Springs, Monkton, Montgomery, Montpelier, Moretown, Newfane, New Haven, Norwich, Plainfield, Putney, Randolph, Ripton, Rochester, Rockingham, Roxbury, Salisbury, Sharon, Stannard, Strafford, Thetford, Tinmouth, Waitsfield, Warren, Weathersfield, Westford, Westminster, Weybridge, Wheelock, Windham, Worcester, and Woodbury.

The 34 towns and cities in Wisconsin who passed resolutions are: (4/06) Algoma, Amery, Baraboo, Casco, Couderay, Draper, Edgewater, Ephraim, Evansville, Exeland, Frederic, LaCrosse, Ladysmith, Luxemburg, Madison, Monona, Mt. Horeb, Ojibwa, Perry, Shorewood, Sturgeon Bay, Vermont, Whitefish Bay, Winter along with (11/06) Boscobel, Fox Point, Lake Delton, Middleton, Milwaukee, Racine, S. Milwaukee, Springdale, Viroqua, and Wauwatosa.

The 13 communities in Illinois who passed resolutions in 11/06 are: City of Chicago, Suburban Cook County, Aurora Township, Berwyn Township, Capital Township, Champaign Township, Cunningham Township, Downers Grove Township, Geneva township, Oak Park township, Riverside township, DeKalb township, and Whiteside County.

The 36 legislative districts in Massachussetts, encompassing part or all of 139 communities, which passed resolutions in 11/06 are: 4th Barnstable, 1st Berkshire, 2nd Berkshire, 1st Essex, 5th Essex, 1st Franklin, 2nd Franklin, 1st Hampden, 2nd Hampden, 3rd Hampden, 5th Hampden, 6th Hampden, 8th Hampden, 1st Hampshire, 2nd Hampshire, 3rd Hampshire, 5th Middlesex, 9th Middlesex, 10th Middlesex, 11th Middlesex, 12th Middlesex, 15th Middlesex, 20th Middlesex, 23rd Middlesex, 24th Middlesex, 27th Middlesex, 29th Middlesex, 13th Norfolk, 15th Norfolk, 3rd Plymouth, 8th Plymouth, 2nd Suffolk, 4th Suffolk, 15th Suffolk, 1st Worcester, and 2nd Worcester.

These legislative bodies are among those who passed resolutions opposing the proposed escalation of troops in Iraq in early 2007:

--On February 16, 2007, the US House of Representatives passed a resolution opposed to the escalation, 246-182 (but the Senate was unable to get cloture on a similar vote).

-- On February 15, 2007, Iowa's state Senate passed a resolution opposed to the escalation (no word on the House).

--On February 14, 2007, Cincinnati's City Council voted on a resolution opposing the escalation of troops in Iraq.

--On February 12, 2007, California's state Senate passed a resolution opposed to the escalation, 22-14 (no word on the Assembly).


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