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VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: "No More Invasions, No More Wars:
The Occupation of Iraq, Four Years Later"


We are in need of volunteers for the Monday, March 19, 2007 event, "No More Invasions, No More Wars" to be held from 12-2 PM and 4-6:30 PM at Terry Schrunk Plaza.

(Incidentally, if you don't get off of work until 5 PM we really encourage you to come down, we're hoping for the largest crowd to be at the Plaza from 6:00 to, well, 6:35 PM).

Please write or call if you can do any of these tasks, and be a part of our effort to bring the message to the people who work and live downtown on the fourth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.

........BETWEEN NOW AND MARCH 19 (Day of info, below)

--Call 15-25 people from PJW's mail list to turn them out

--Putting up posters/flyers
Download an 8.5x11 flyer at
Download 1/4-page leaflets at

If you need us to provide you copies of 8.5x11 or 1/4 page flyers or 11x17 posters, please contact us and let us know how many you need and when you would like to pick them up.

Our office is in SE Portland but we're only "open" when a volunteer happens to be here.

--We have some specific ideas for signs that will tie into the day's themes and the Message to the Iraqi People. If you have skills, materials, and time, please get in touch with us. If you are willing to assist with sign-making (which may also include the Message) let us know and we'll try to hook people together.


--If your organization isn't already on board with the March 19 event and would like to be listed as endorser, let us know. Cosponsors are expected to put in some "elbow grease" (volunteer hours, mass mailing, etc.) and/or $50.

--If you have a few dollars to send our way it will help cover expenses for this event, send your check to Peace and Justice Works, PO Box 42456, Portland, OR 97242 and mark it "March 19th event 2007" in the memo field.

..........DAY OF EVENT (MARCH 19):

--We need at least 60 volunteers (we're still working out the details) to hold up individual lightweight cardboard signs containing the message to the Iraqi people. You may need to stand still with your arms extended forward for 5 minutes, then above your head for 10 minutes to be sure that a picture can be taken. Assembly time will be shortly after 6 PM and end time will be about 6:35 PM.


--We probably have enough people in the organizing group and among volunteers for these tasks, but if you're willing to put your name on this list and we need more hands we'll let you know.


--Help keep our event peaceful and running smoothly. Since we are not planning a march, we are not at this time planning any extensive training for peacekeepers. We hope that those who volunteer will have done this task previously. We envision one of the major tasks of peacekeepers will be helping us gather all the event attendees back into Terry Schrunk at 6 PM in time to assemble the Message to the Iraqi People.

Feel free to write or call with ideas or questions

Dan Handelman
Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group

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