Major Portland, OR Mobilizations for Peace 2002->
(supported/coordinated by Peace and Justice Works with others)


Major Mobilizations 2002->

Date Location Title # groups Crowd size (est.)
10/5/02 So Park Blocks
to Terry Schrunk Plaza
No New War on Iraq! March and rally 17 10,000
11/17/02 Pioneer Square March and Rally for Peace and Justice:
No War on Iraq!*
52 10,000
1/18/03 South Park Blocks Take Action for Peace and Justice:
Stop the War at Home and Abroad
142 20,000
3/15/03 Waterfront Park Stop the War in Iraq and at Home:
Rally for Peace in the Middle East
157 30-40,000
4/12/03 Waterfront Park
to Pioneer Square
Stop the Violence Overseas and at Home:
Bring them home in one peace
92 4,000
9/21/03 Terry Schrunk March and Rally for Peace in the Middle East:
Bring the Troops Home!
67 2,000
3/20/04 Pioneer Square The Wo